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Protect imagesCan I protect images ? What can you offer in regard to website image protection?
Yes. If you choose to disable the right click in the encrypted files, the visitors of your site will not be able to right click and select 'Save image..' from the browser's context menu (this will also disable the Image Toolbar in Internet Explorer 6 and dragging images out of the browser window). If you choose 'Save As' from the 'File' menu in Internet explorer, it will save the html file and all images and other files referenced in it. But if the file is encrypted, images and other files used in the page will not be saved - only the page itself will be.
You may also use the 'Disable Clipboard & Print Screen' option to prevent taking screenshots of your pages.
However, when someone browses your website, all the images used in html files are first downloaded and then displayed by the browser. So all your images are somewhere on the visitor's hard drive. Usually they are stored in hidden folders and not under their original names, but are still there and someone can find them, although that's not so easy and most internet users don't know how to do that.
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Is it possible to disable the Image Toolbar in Internet Explorer 6?
Yes. Selecting 'Disable right click' feature will also disable the Image Toolbar in Internet Explorer 6 and later, and the ability to drag images outside the browser window and drop them in other programs or other browser windows, image editors, etc.
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Can I disable printing of my web pages?
Yes. Check the 'Disable page printing' box.
Note: This will not actually 'disable' printing. If someone tries to print a protected html file, only blank pages will be printed.
The page content (text, images etc.) can not be printed.
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Can I disable Print Screen button?
Yes. Check the 'Disable Clipboard & Print Screen' box.
Note: This option works system-wide and will totally disable the clipboard - it will not be possible to copy images, text, files or anything else in any program, until the protected file is closed. After it's closed, the normal clipboard functionality will be restored.

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What can I do to protect my flash animations? Is it possible to encrypt swf files?
No. Encrypt HTML source can't do anything in regard to flash (.swf or .fla) files included in your site. It can only make it much harder for the visitors to save the flash files used in your web site, but it can not protect them, and will not modify them in any way.
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Can I protect website links from leeching, stealing and posting on other web sites?
Yes. You have to check the 'Disable right click' and 'Don't show links in status bar' boxes. This way links can't be copied by using the right click context menu, and link targets will not be visible in browser's status bar when the mouse is over a link. Be careful when using the 'Don't show links in status bar' option - it will suppress your custom status bar messages, if any.
Encrypt HTML source will also make impossible link leeching. Many programs (such as the popular download managers FlashGet, MassDownloader, GetRight, Download Accelerator etc.) can leech all the links from a html document. If for example you have a picture gallery on your site, it's a one minute job to leech the links to all your images with some of the above mentioned programs. Then someone can directly use your links in another website, this way not only stealing them, but also generating a traffic to your site which you may have to pay.
So Encrypt HTML source will not only make impossible leeching and stealing of your links, but may also save you a lot of money in case you have to pay for the generated traffic.

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Can I secure images against direct linking from other web sites?
Yes. Please read the above question.
There are many dishonest webmasters that steal pictures from other websites. But the worst of them don't even bother to
download your pictures and then upload them to their sites / webservers - they put in their pages direct links to images hosted on other servers. This is the worst possible scenario - not only your artwork is stolen and used for somebody else's benefit, but a huge amount of traffic to your server is generated as well. There are many un - protected image gallery websites for which the traffic generated as a result of this form of theft by far exceeds the traffic generated by the site visitors.
That's why it is very important to use image protection and protect images from direct linking by encrypting the source code.
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