Hide HTML Source

with Encrypt HTML source v.2.0

Hide HTML Source code, disable View - Source command The program let's you hide html source code from several tools you may not like. We often receive emails asking us "Can I disable View source command" or "Can I hide my html files source".
Although you can't make your code invisible and prevent people seeing it, there is no much use in viewing the protected source - people will only see a bunch of garbage characters when they try to take a look at your code, so you can consider your source hidden.

What the program will do is to hide html source from tools like web content filters, email grabbers and other spam utilities and programs known as website rippers or offline downloaders.
Content filters are softwares which scan your pages for "inapropriate content" (whatever this means) and block it if such is found. A common target for those filters are not only online casinos and adult pages, but also a great variety of other sites, depending on the person who configures the program. Many corporations, goverment and military organisaions, universities etc. block access to web pages related to online shopping, music, movies, tourism, and even search engines and online forums. The program will hide your pages code (html source) from those tools and they will not be able to scan it and block it.

Email grabbers are tools capable of scanning thousands of websites per day for any email addresses posted in them and collect them in huge spamming databases. When some address is posted online, it will be soon included in many spamming databases. As a result your mailbox might become flooded with a huge amount of advertisements and other unwanted (junk) mail.
Encrypt HTML will hide website source from all spamming tools known at this time.

Offline downloaders, also known as site rippers, are tools used to download entire sites for later off-line use. They just follow all the links available on your site and download everything. The program will hide html code from them and they will not be able to follow links and get the linked files.

In conclusion, it is not really possible to hide html source. But if it is encrypted, there is no need to hide it because nobody can read it in its original form. It is not possible to disable the View Source command available in most browsers, but you should not worry about this.