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Encrypt HTML source code, protect website. Encryption of ASP, Javascript, html

Encrypt HTML source by Code Protection Technologies is an advanced tool to protect web site content.

To contact us please use the following email addresses:

Technical support: support@encrypt-html.com

Registered users: registered@encrypt-html.com

Since November 2001, Code Protection Technologies is a division of ProtWare Inc. - the first and world's most respectable website security provider.

Encrypt HTML source code technology is now included in Protware's HTML Guardian - the worldwide #1 tool to protect HTML , Javascript, VBscript, asp code, style sheets, secure web site images and all other aspects of your site.
First released in 1997 under the name Web - Cipher, today ProtWare's HTML Guardian is a web standard for intellectual property protection worldwide.
We are proud to be members of HTMLGuardian's team.

As a result of the above mentioned, version 2.0 will no longer be developed as a standalone application. All the features it has are available, greatly enhanced, in ProtWare's HTMLGuardian.
We also do not provide technical support for Encrypt html source versions 1.x or 2.0 anymore. Please direct all support inquiries to support@protware.com

Click the link above to download the completely free Personal edition of HTMLGuardian. It is absolutely free for personal use and will never expire - you can use it as long as you wish, there is no time limit as in most demo & shareware software products.
All HTML Guardian Professional and Enterprise editions features are available in it, the main difference is that the free version inserts a small banner (watermark) at the top of each protected file. The banner will be removed if you purchase the Professional or the Enterprise edition.
Some of the other features, like ultra-strong password encryption, image protection and the ability to encrypt asp files, are limited in the free version of HTML Guardian - but limited does not mean missing. The limited functionality is enough for testing purposes.

There are no limits (except the banner) when you encrypt html, protect javascript, vbscript or stylesheet files.
The following features are limited:

- ultra-strong html password protection - there is a file size limit, only small files can be encrypted with this option. Files containing scripts or links can not be protected. The 'ask for password only once' feature is not available.
In HTMLGuardian enterprise edition all features is fully functional.

- asp encryption - there is a file size limit, only relatively small asp files can be protected. For bigger files, the 'not encrypted' message will appear. In all registered versions, all the limitations in regard to active server pages protection are completely removed.

- image protection - the Image Guardian add-on is fully functional only in the Enterprise version of the software.
Image Guardian is the only total web images protection solution available on the market today. It will completely secure jpg, gif and bmp images in your web pages and make impossible they to be reused in other pages or directly linked from other web sites, retrieved from the browser's cache etc.
In the Personal and Professional editions the image protection functionality is only suitable for testing purposes - they will only protect images which height is significantly bigger than their width, like for example 100 x 350 pixels, 50 x 160 pixels etc. (width x height). Images like 100 x 100, 300 x 100 pixels etc. will be skipped.

According to the agreement we have with ProtWare Inc., all registered users of Encrypt HTML source code versions 1.x or 2.0 can upgrade their licenses for free to HTML Guardian Professional edition, and may obtain an Enterprise license at a 30% reduced price. All temporary discounts (like Christmas discounts etc.) are also effective.

A 50 % reduced price is available for the registered users of versions 1.x and 2.0 who want to upgrade their licenses to HTML Guardian Enterprise edition.

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