Encrypt ASP source code - Protect ASP

with Encrypt HTML source v.2.0

Encrypt ASP protectBy default the program will only encrypt asp source code server-side parts. That's the code enclosed within <% ...... %> delimiters. The rest of the code (client-side code) will remain unencrypted - this means what visitors see in their browsers after clicking View -> Source will not be encrypted.
It is also possible to encrypt the client - side code, both in the source and in the response generated by the server. However this will not be done automatically, it requires a few simple operations. Please read the help file for a detailed information about this feature.

Usually the server-side code is the most important part of the asp file. If you develop asp solutions for some third parties, it is a good idea to protect asp source - your customers will be able to use the files created by you without any problems, but they will not be able to copy any parts of it and reuse them in other projects.

In general, it is a good idea to encrypt asp files even if you don't give them to anyone - this will protect your work if someone for example knows your password and can have ftp access (or physical access) to your server. There are also several bugs in Microsoft's asp server that make possible a knowledgable person to retrieve the real source code of your .asp files if the server is not well configured. In most cases the server configuration is done by somebody else and you can't know if it's vulnerable to such attempts - so it's always better to protect your asp source code.

We receive a lot of emails with the same question - will asp encryption decrease server's performance?
We did a lot of tests, including tests where thousands of encrypted asp files were requested from the server per hour. There was practically no difference in the server's performance between tests with encrypted asp files and tests with unencrypted files. If you encrypt asp code, the resulting decrease in performance will not exceed 1 - 2%, which is practically nothing. In most cases, there will be no difference at all.

Because of the optimizations performed, the performance may even increase.

Please note that in the demo version this feature is limited. You can only protect ASP files below certain file size. In the registered version the file size limit is removed and you can encrypt any asp file regardless of its size.