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Encrypt HTML source code, protect website. Encryption of ASP, Javascript, html

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Encrypt HTML source - about us - information about the developers of Encrypt html source, Code protection technologies inc. Since November 2001, we are a division of ProtWare Inc. - the first and world's most respectable website security provider. Our technology is now integrated in Protware's HTML Guardian - the worldwide #1 tool to protect HTML , Javascript, VBscript, asp code, style sheets, web site images and all other aspects of your site. Released in early 1997 under the name Web - Cipher, today HTML Guardian is worldwide recognized as a standard for protection of web intellectual property.
We are proud to be members of HTMLGuardian's team.

Password protect HTML files - the highly secure, 384 bit html password protection is one of the most important program features. You can password protect web page in an extremely secure way - it will be absolutely impossible to view the secured content without providing the correct pass-word. It is also possible to password protect website entirely.

Image Protection - image theft is maybe the most common form of website content theft. That's why web image protection is a primary concern for most webmasters - to protect images is becoming more and more important in today's competitive environment. Once some picture is posted online, it is being stolen and used in other web sites almost immediately. All owners of sites with high quality pictures of any kind, image galleries and so on know that very well. . Putting watermarks in images or copyright notices in your source code can't help at all. If you encrypt html code your images will be much more secure.

Hide HTML Source code - you can hide html source from offline explorers (also known as web site rippers), web content filters and email extractors. This will prevent blocking your pages because of its content, saving it for offline usage or extracting all the email addresses posted in it for spamming purposes.
Although you can't disable view source command which is available in many webbrowsers, the result is the same - protected web page code is secure and can't be misused or copied without permission.

Encrypt JavaScript - You can encrypt Javascript / VBscript code with the program, no matter if scripts are directly included in html files or they are stored in separate .js / .vbs files. Most of the additional options can also be used in this case.
It is very important to ensure your original code is error free before proceeding with the script encryption.

Security FAQ - read our web security FAQ 1 2 3 4 5.

Encrypt ASP source - the ability to protect ASP source code is one of the most advanced features, currently not available in any other product of this sort. Note that by default the program will only encrypt ASP code server - side parts, but it is also possible to secure parts of the client-side code , if needed.

Download demo - as noted above, we are now a division of ProtWare, Inc. All encrypt html source features are now available, greatly enhanced, in ProtWare's HTML Guardian - the recognized leader in website protection. To download it, click here .

Purchase online - contains links to a secure online order form where you can purchase HTMLGuardian Professional or Enterprise edition.

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